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Specializing in casual Pennsylvania furnishings, English china, and modernist pieces from Art Deco to the 1960s.

Selling at the Weil Antique Center Allentown, PA. Open seven days a week, accepting major credit cards, layaway available. From the entrance, walk straight to Booth 142.

Weil Antique Center, Booth 142

Booth 142 at Weil.

Bethlehem Antiques

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Antique Imari

Antique Transferware

Mason's Ironstone

Antique Corner Cupboard

Antique Pie Safe

Antique Yellowware Bowl

Antique Linen Press

Folk Art Painting, J.T. Rexrode (1887-1976) of Sugar Grove, Pendleton Co., WV

Antique Quilt

Antique Pinball Bagatelle Game

Antique Woven Coverlet

Antique Dower Chest

Antique Schrank / Linen Press

Open Concept Living

Antique and vintage furniture of good design, quality and condition tends to appreciate in value. Reusing antiques is also good for our planet. For example, mahogany from the tropics became endangered by the end of the 1700s.

Christie's American Furniture Collecting Guide

Use a linen press for attractive hidden storage. The top is a wonderful place to display a collection or seasonal items.

A blanket chest also makes a great coffee table with secret storage for CDs, DVDs, magazines, family history, toys, or scrapbooks.

Weil Antique Center, Booth 142

American Folk Art Museum

Pennsylvania German Fraktur

A damaged cotton quilt can be made into a set of pillows. Small quilts can be hung as art, by basting a muslin sleeve for a dowel rod on the back.

Use your collections as art. You'll smile every time you see them.

Weil Antique Center, Booth 142

Beautiful China for Every Day & Entertaining

It's OK, use the good china as often as possible!

Chelsea Porcelain Factory (established 1743)

Royal Crown Derby (1750)

If you love all things Asian, you'll love their famous "Imari" pattern. Imari is striking in midnight blue and coral.

Worcester Discovers Chinese Secret to Producing Porcelain (c.1751)

Josiah Wedgwood and Sons (1759)

Transferware (1760)

Use Transferware for everyday dining. Mix six patterned dinner plates with six plain. I like to use warm colors for fall & winter, and cool for spring & summer.

Weil Antique Center, Booth 142

Spode (1776)

Spode blue transfer patterns include "Tower," and "Italian."

Thomas Minton (1793)

First to produce the "Blue Willow" pattern.

Davenport (1794)

Mason's (1796)

Mason's Patent Ironstone China (1813)

Shelley (1925)

I collect Shelley trios for a dessert service my grandmother started. A trio consists of a tea cup, saucer and dessert (salad) plate. It's easy to put together a dessert service when you mix and match trios.

Family collections are priceless. They bring back memories each time they are used, and I use mine often.

Can't say enough about Corner Cupboards. Every dining room should have this space-saver, for a perfect combination of display and storage.

The Kitchen, Heart of Your Home

Surround yourself with things you love. Our kitchen displays a collection of Yellow Ware bowls, and we use them, too!

Collecting Yellow Ware

Weil Antique Center, Booth 142

The Pennsylvania German Pie Safe

"On Pottery in Colonial America," by Julia Smith
Blue decorated or redware crocks are perfect for kitchen tools on the countertop.

Weitsman Stoneware Collection, New York
State Museum

"American Redware," by Greg K. Kramer and Lester P. Breininger, Jr.

Fun for Your Office

Playful desk accessories add so much to your space. Keep it lighthearted.

Weil Antique Center, Booth 142

The Bedroom Retreat

Vintage handbags and scarves are so much fun. Everything comes around again, and 1970s fashions are hot again! Here are some accessories that would be at home on "Mad Men" or "Downton Abbey."

Weil Antique Center, Booth 142

American Quilts and Coverlets

Store antique textiles in acid-free lidded boxes, cushioned with acid-free tissue. These boxes keep the sunlight out, can breathe, and eliminate contact with wood, which can darken cloth. Fold lines can become weak, so refold periodically.

When on display, beware of direct sunlight. Also, use unbleached muslin or acid-free mat board under old fabrics to protect from acidic or oily surfaces.

"Dower Chest Commands Attention at Skinner," by Rosemary McKittrick

An antique dower or blanket chest can be used to store
out-of-season modern quilts and coverlets, while doing double duty as a television stand.

Pennsylvania German Schrank

This linen press or armoire is used for folded clothing and linen storage. Houses of the 18th Century had no closets. Use in the traditional way in a bedroom or bath.

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